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Zom B Gone is what looks like a beverage, but in the commercials it says it is clearly not that it said to repel or protect someone from becoming a zombie.It is stated in the commercial it comes in licorice, some other flavor, or green.

In Big Time Decision, Carlos said he got the last two bottles before the drink was banned from the USA.

Mr. Bitters and James, wanting Carlos' extra bottle, compete to see who gets it. At the end James wins but accidently breaks one of the bottles and Carlos choosing to break his because “I’d rather be a zombie with my bud than be a zombie without him.”

Side Effects

Carlos said the drink was banned in the USA, but the label said it was still legal in Nevada, Texas. This are the reasons:

  1. Blurred Vision
  2. Hot Dog Fingers
  3. Laser Vision
  4. Bone Liquification
  5. Lobe Throbbing
  6. Ok Not Laser Vision
  7. May not work


  • Carlos Pena Jr. is a huge zombie fan. This maybe one of the reason why the writers created it in the first place.
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