Kendall and Kevin Schmidt's Yuma The Pig00:26

Kendall and Kevin Schmidt's Yuma The Pig

Kevin training Yuma

Yuma is Kevin and Kendall's new pet. Yuma is a teacup pig owned by Kendall's brother, Kevin Schmidt.

Kevin revealed Yuma by a tweet while Kendall posted a video of him and Yuma together.Yuma is always seen with Kendall.

Kendall about Yuma:
"I embrace Yuma and she climbs into my arms until she falls asleep. She gives the best kisses"



  • Kevin, Kendall's brother, has trained Yuma for an upcoming movie part.
  • Kendall himself has mentioned in an interview and on TMZ that he spends time with Yuma a lot, but Kendall has a bad habit of eating bacon.
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