220px-Wonderful Crazy

Wonderful Crazy is Katelyn Tarver's second album, but her first full-length one. It was released in 2005 by indie label TC Music. Katelyn went on tour to promote this album in 2005–2006.

Track listing

1. Undeniable

2. Rain

3. Something in Me

4. Wonderful Crazy

5. I'll Make It Real

6. Closer to My Heart

7. Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

8. Life Was

9. Brand New Day

10. Everything

11. I'll Make It Real (duet version) f/ Aaron (Asian bonus track)

Taiwan Special Edition (CD / CD+DVD ; With special cover)

CD 1. Brand New Day

2. Chasing Echoes

3. Careless Whisper

4. Rain

5. Wonderful Crazy

6. I'll Make It Real

7. Undeniable

8. Something in Me

9. Life Was

10. Closer to My Heart

11. Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

12. Everything


13. Wonderful Crazy (Music Video)

14. Interview with Katelyn Tarver

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