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About Wiki

BTR WIKI This User is an editor of BTR Wiki

Code: BTR Wikia Editor

Btr snoopdog This user has rollback rights!

Code: BTR Wikia Rollback

Ohhh OMGEEE this user has made over 2,000 edits!!

Code: Template:2,000Edits

Ohhh OMGEEE this user has made over 8,000 edits!!

Code: Template:8,000Edits

-) This user is a Chat Mod!

Code: ChatMod

Download (4) This user is an Admin!

Code: Admin


Ohhh OMGEEE this user has made over 10,000 edits!!


Lomille94 This user ships Lomille

Code: Lomille Fan

Kendall-katelyn-jo-kendall-btr This user ships Jendall

Code: Jendall Fan


Images This User Loves James Diamond!

Code: JamesFan

Big time rush-staffel 2 carlos This User Likes Carlos Garcia!

Code: CarlosFan

41799 120429644637203 834582 n This User Likes Kendall Knight!

Code: KendallFan

5. Logan Mitchell This User Likes Logan Mitchell!

Code: LoganFan

Gustvo This User Likes Gustavo Rocque!

Code: GustavoFan

0232 This User Likes Kelly Wainwright!

Code: KellyFan

Katie This user is a fan of Katie Knight!
Code: Katie
Griffin This user is a fan of Griffin!
Code: Template:Griffin

Just For Fun Userboxes

Hatelife This user hates this user's life!
Code: HateLife
No Time For Haters This user has no time for haters.

Song Userboxes

0697vjg This user loves Oh Yeah Code: Template:Oh Yeah

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