Okay I've been thinking about this for an extremely long time and it's really starting to bother me.

When I first joined this website, I noticed the multiple complaints about how many stubs we have on this wiki. As soon as I heard about it, I got started on a lot of the stubs to make this wiki better. But I've noticed something. This wiki exaggerates stubs. There are 12 pages of stubs, and a lot of the pages are things or people that are featured or mentioned in one episode. Those aren't considered stubs. Same with songs. What more can you write other than the basic info and its lyrics? You can't expand on a song page. And the episode pages really make no sense, They are long enough. You can't expect these pages to be like character pages. The other day I was looking through the other wikis that I am a part of and a lot of them had pages as short as ours. But a lot of them are also popular.

I admit, this wiki needs a little clean up and organization. But it doesn't have a problem with stubs. I was hoping we could delete the stub tags and stubs on the stub page. If something can be edited, we can work on it. But if it's a page that doesn't need that much detail, let's leave it alone. Maybe we'll be able to expand it in the future but for now there is nothing we can do.

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