Hey guys, I feel like I need to discuss something pretty important. I wanna talk to you all about spam and vandalism, a conversation I really didn't want to have to give, but I feel at this point it's really necessary.

As being the more active of the two admins in this wiki, I see a lot of vandalism that I have to end up cleaning up. I logged on today and saw a ton of spam that I spent until 10:54 PM cleaning up, and I still haven't even finished cleaning it up. Since I've joined this wiki, I've had to clean up so much spam/vandalism. I even get it on my own blog posts! I really don't like cleaning up after people, and it annoys me to see the amount of vandalism on here knowing that I'm the only one left here to clean it up since Poky isn't as active on here. So, If I catch a user vandalizing a page on here, you'll be banned for an indefinite amount of time. But to those loyal users here, If you'd like to help clean up the spam, just leave a message on my talk page if you see a vandalized page, and if you can, fix the information please. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. :)

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