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    Ok, so I know this has nothing to do with Big Time Rush but Christian Potenza, the voice of Chris McClean in the Total Drama Series, is holding a contest for character designs in his new cartoon for youtube. The video with the most "likes", or "thumbs up", is chosen as the winner. There are 3 separate characters: Bruce, Rachel, and Ichigo. I'm sending in entries for all of them. Those of you with Youtube Accounts, Please "like" these videos! If you haven't been on Youtube in a while, just hit the button with the green thumb on it XD. So here are the links to my entries. I'll update them as I upload them to Youtube:


    Thanks so much!


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  • Tdifan1234

    An Important Issue

    February 16, 2011 by Tdifan1234

    Hey guys, I feel like I need to discuss something pretty important. I wanna talk to you all about spam and vandalism, a conversation I really didn't want to have to give, but I feel at this point it's really necessary.

    As being the more active of the two admins in this wiki, I see a lot of vandalism that I have to end up cleaning up. I logged on today and saw a ton of spam that I spent until 10:54 PM cleaning up, and I still haven't even finished cleaning it up. Since I've joined this wiki, I've had to clean up so much spam/vandalism. I even get it on my own blog posts! I really don't like cleaning up after people, and it annoys me to see the amount of vandalism on here knowing that I'm the only one left here to clean it up since Poky isn't…

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  • Tdifan1234

    My First Blog Post!

    December 28, 2010 by Tdifan1234

    Hey guys! I'm Tdifan1234. I just joined the BTR Wiki today, but I'm an active user on several wikis pertaining to the Total Drama Series (hence my username) and I'm an admin on the Total Drama Camps Wiki, The Total Drama Comic Wiki, and the Leona Lewis Wiki. I'm 15 years old, I love to draw, and I'll be glad to draw you a BTR pic if you ask me. :)

    Right now I'm working on a cartoon drawing of the entire band. I'll be posting it on here and on DeviantART as well, so look out for it! :D

    I'd really appreciate it if you left me a comment, said hi, and tell me a little about yourself. I hope to make some awesome friends here on this wiki!


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