9 years latter

A Brother fight

set in the year 2023

John's dream

John who was now 12 years he haven been miss still being miss treated by Jett and Jennifer. But something good come when he was 8 years old Jett and Jennifer gave him a little half brother name Trevor Matthew Stetson who was 4 years old. It was no secret that he miss Jo and Kendall. Jennifer and Jett had little to do with the boys so John was taking care of Trevor since Trevor was on the bottle. That night after he put Trevor to bed he got in the bath and when to bed that night he  had a dream 'I came to decision and I have do to a decision and give custody of Jonathan to his mother and I submit his father and step mother  to 10 years in Jail for abusing this young boy." John woke up to his half brother crying and he walk in and started to rub Trevor's back and said "Trevor it OK Johnny here" John gave his brother a kiss and sleep next to him.

Life with the Stetsons

The next morning John look over and kiss Trevor's head and got up to get dress. Trevor got up and yawn and said "good morning Johnny". John smile and said "morning little brother". After John got Trevor dress they when down stairs. For 12 years old John was very independent and try not to get in Jennifer and Jet's way. After Trevor look up and said "Bye bye Johnny". After John left Trevor walk in his parents room and try to kiss Jennifer but Jennifer move away from him. Jett got was getting ready for work. Trevor wanted Jett to pick him up but Jett shove him. Trevor walk to his room and started to color.

Jo miss her son

After 9 years Jo still miss John. She had now married Kendall she wanted Johnny in the wedding but Jett won't aloud him. Jo and Kendall have got a house now. Jo walk in a empty room and cry. Kendall walk in and said "Babe, I miss him too". Jo walk around and said "this would be Johnny's room if we get see him or if I have won". Kendall hug her and said "I know". Jo look at Kendall and said "I miss my baby why would the court give Jett him after everything Jett did to us they would give our son to him" she stared to cry. Kendall kiss her and said "I miss him too Honey".

Death of Jennifer and Jett

It was 6:00 at night the Stetson house and John was cooking dinner for the family it was Low roasting chicken and gravy with potatoes and green beans. Jett look at it and said "I don't want this". John was tired of his dad put down and since he was 3 and said "don't eat then". John grab jett's plate and Carried it Jennifer got up and said "why do you cook stuff your father likes". John look at her and said "why don't you cook Jennifer!" Jett was getting mad and said "don't talk to your step mother". Jett smack John and John when after him and the two started to fight Trevor was now crying Jenifer yell at her son "SHUT UP TREVOR". Trevor look up and whip his tears and saw the stove was on fire. Trevor got out of his chair and got John "Johnny, Fire'. John grab Trevor and they ran outside, Trevor look around and said "Mama? Daddy". John look up saw his step mother and father was not their. Trevor look at him with fear in his eyes and John said "It's OK little brother". The two boys watch their home burn down.

Police Station

John and Trevor sat and wait for the police man One name Ron Marshall came out and said "hi boys". John look at him and said "where my Step mother and dad?" Ron look at them and said "they die". John was in shock and was kind of relive. Ron look at him and said "do you have any other family?" John look and said "Jennifer parents haven't spoke her since she married my dad and My grandparents on dad side die before I was born". Officer Marshall nod and said "I will see what I can do". After a while the men track down a foster home for Trevor and they track down John's birth mother.

John Meet Katie

John and Trevor sat next to each other Trevor look at his older half brother and said " what is going to happen Johnny?" John look at him and said "I don't know little brother". All the officers look at the 12 years old. Officer Larry Wright look at him and said "your brother was put in foster care". John look at him and said "What,Why?" Officer Wright said "he has know other family". John said "he has me" Officer Wright said " you are to young, We made a call someone will be here to pick you up". John was upset that Trevor was taking from him. after awhile Katie Duncan (who was now married) saw him and join him "Hi" she said John look around and said "me?" Katie nod and said "I am Katie Duncan" and John said "John Stetson" they shake hands. Katie said "you OK" John shake his head and said "no My younger brother was taken from me". Katie look at him and said I am sorry John". John added "my jerk of a dad and step mom are now dead". Katie look at him and said so sorry". John said "thanks".

John reunited with Jo and Kendall

Katie and John was next to each other when a man walk in. Katie smile and said "Hey big brother" and John look at him and was in shock and said "Kendall?" Kendall s mile and said "hey baby sister, hey Johnny". Just than Jo Taylor- Knight walk in and saw her son and said "Hi Sweetie" she hug her son. John was shaking his head and said "Mommy, Kenny?" Kendall smile and said "you so big now Johnny". Jo started to whip John's face and said "I miss you so much baby boy". John look from Kendall to Jo and said "It's really you two?" Kendall nod and Jo said "yes baby it us". John look at Jo and said "I am 12 now and I am not a baby anymore". Jo said "you are maybe 12 but you still my baby". Kendall look at his watch and said "let go" the three of them left. Kendall was driving them home and said " you hungry Johnny". John said " a little bit". They stop at red lobster and ate.

At Jo and Kendall's House

After dinner they when home it was a big yellow house. John look at it and Jo wrap her arms around him and said "you are home now sweetie". They when home and Kendall said "you want a tour?" John look at him and said "sure Kendall". Jo look at her husband and her son and look at Kendall and said "we need tell Johnny". John look at them and said "tell me what?" Kendall nod and look at John and said "Your mother and I are married now". John eyes got and said "when how long" Kendall smile and said "5 years". John nod and he had a flashback  Johnny was 6 1/2 years old and he saw his father carrying the mail. Johnny look at his step mother who was sleeping. He walk over to his dad and said "what that daddy?"  Jett look at his son and yell "IT NOTHING JOHNATHAN NOW GO AWAY!!"  John saw his father throw the letter away. John look at Kendall and said "dad had a letter but he said it's was nothing." Kendall nod and said "that was our wedding invitation for you."  John look at Kendall and gave him a hug. Kendall pat John back John was scared of the pat but he heard Kendall said "I love you buddy." Kendall walk over to the closet and got a box and said " This might help" after he left John look at the box and open it and saw a yellow duck and said "Quackie" and lay on his bed holding the duck.


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