Superbionic 2009

aka SB

  • I was born on October 15
  • I am Female
  • Superbionic 2009

    9 years latter

    set in the year 2023

    John who was now 12 years he haven been miss still being miss treated by Jett and Jennifer. But something good come when he was 8 years old Jett and Jennifer gave him a little half brother name Trevor Matthew Stetson who was 4 years old. It was no secret that he miss Jo and Kendall. Jennifer and Jett had little to do with the boys so John was taking care of Trevor since Trevor was on the bottle. That night after he put Trevor to bed he got in the bath and when to bed that night he  had a dream 'I came to decision and I have do to a decision and give custody of Jonathan to his mother and I submit his father and step mother  to 10 years in Jail for abusing this young boy." John woke up to his half brother cryi…

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  • Superbionic 2009

    Delete this Please

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  • Superbionic 2009

    My story

    March 25, 2016 by Superbionic 2009

    Set in the Year 2014

    On a Thursday night Jo, Lucy and Camile was on thier way to a meets thier friend Alexis for a hockey games. As they got out ofthe car Jo said "Why are you guys taking to a hockey game yo know I hate hockey"  and Camile look at Jo and said "my and Lexi's husbands and  Luce' Fiance plaing" just than Lucy add "Jo you have not really been out in 2 1/2 years and you will have fun" Jo look at her friends and said "I know". Just than a hockey player named James Dimond come over and said "Lucy, baby kiss for luck". James and Lucy kiss and Logan turn to Camile and said "Honey, you know were my stick is?" Camile gave Logan the keys and said "there in the car" and Logan kiss Camile and took the keys. Just than Jo saw a hockey play…

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