At the palms woods hotel.

umm hey guys kendall ask as he walks up to the guys who were siting by the pool side.wazzup they said in a union as kendall takes a sit next to them.umm guys i'v only notice that theres only 2 of you guys where's carlos kendall ask.then suddendly they heard a loud sound coming from inside the hotel.its carlos running to them with a helmet on and a brick.what the.what the hell he's doing with that brick james ask DON'T TELL ME they all said in a union carlos as he reach to them he knocks himslef out.carlos:THAT WAS Curse AWESUM ugh one more he said as he was gonna do it again but kendall stop him.kendall;dude plz don't do that again you could kill yourslef.Carlos;umm quick logan,logan;YES,Carlos;whats the deadest thing that could happened to me if i do it again,Logan;umm we'll have to carry to the hospital.Carlos;then thats the chance i'll live with.then kendall slps his face and sigh,he relize that james is staring sumone.Kendall;umm james,then he turn to him,James;yea what is it,Kendall;who are you staring down at.James or sum girl.kendall;which one the one with black short culry hair,the one the bwon straight hair or the blond culr one.kendall ask.James;the one with the brown straight hair he repiled in a soft voice.Kendall*he thinks*umm this is not the james i'm use to he must be in love but i kind of have a crush on that same girl for a long time now but she only come today*out of kendall mind*Carlos o o o I'M GONNA FIND OUT HER NAME FIRST ,james;not untill i do they both ran up to her.Kendall;dude do you think i should go over there and get her name to he ask to logan,Logan; umm yea you should cuz i'm going too besides she's a cutie and she's single,kendall;What HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT kendall shouted,logan;i watch her all most all of my time today,kendall;but do you know her name,;logan;umm know ,kendall;then lets go.

  • At the girl*

umm hey whats your name james ask while blushing really hard.she looks at him and smile,he nearly fainted um,carlos;aww she's super cute when she's nervous adorable.umm my name is Angelina Joline,she said.what a beautiful name kendall repiled.kendall;hi i'm kendall nice to meet you,Angel;its very nice to meet you to, then her phone rings.Angel;umm i'm sorry but i have to take this call she said while looking at the guys.logan;sure no problem

all the guys stare at her,james;wow she's pretty i think i'm in love with her,carlos;she's like a alittle teady bear i wanna love soo much.Angel;sorry about that she said as she hang up umm i gotta go bye she said as she was going to leave but james stop her,james;umm i'm i going to see you again,Angel;smiles sure no problem,the james let go of her grip so that she could leave.

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