Hey, rusherforever18 here on wikia!

My name is Abigail and here's my first ever wikia blog.

Hope you like it! Well, here it goes. Well, I was on Wikipedia when I searched Big Time Rush, and there was a paragraph article where they were explaining that Big Time Rush has been renewed for a fourth season, but with only 13 episodes. I'm a huge fan, I listen to their 2 albums, BTR (Big Time Rush), and Elevate, I watch Big Time Rush, (all episodes), and I've seen the TV movie, Big Time Movie, and more. I think this is true because I even saw it on and kelli goss, (one of the jennifers on big time rush), tweeted it.

Well, If it's true there will be a season 4, I'm excited and I hope I'll watch the 13 episodes.

Thanks, Wikia!

P.S. I was wondering why a small amount of episodes, 13 only?

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Thanks Again!

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