A Whole New Unieverse for BIG TIME RUSH Fans!!!!!

There are so many amazing sources online to learn more about our favorite actors, musicians, ect. 

As a BTR fan, I love learning more about the four amazing guys. Who else loves to imagine a world where we get to be around Kendal, James, Carlos and Logan, like its a normal everyday thing? who wishes they could be that special someone close to our favorite of the pop group? I DO!! 

Even if you have your own idea as to how you think you would write the hit t.v. show, Big Time Rush, the go check out FANFICTION.COM right now!!!! is like a little dreaming place, where all of us can write, read and create our own worlds where we are controlling the guys and adding our own characters around them!! Of course, you can never own the rights to the show, but who says you can't make your daydreams feel like its really happening around you? 

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