Ever heard of the Key of Awesome??? Or Invader ZIM??? Invader ZIM is definitely my favorite show, iits so funny but not as funny as BTR. I love BTR and im definitely CaLR person (Camille and Logan Romance/Relationship person) We used those terms on zim.wikia, the admin. dude explained it to me.

anyway, if you like Invader ZIM, i think theres a blog or club on protesting about how we all want invader ZIM back on tv and creating more episodes because its too awesome. besides im getting bored of watching the same episodes every day over and over and going on zim wikia. its boring me to my DOOM. Im gonna sing the doom song now. doom doom doom doom (i don't know how many times the word doom is in there sorry. but check it out!!!!!) C U L8ER LUV magic8ball8
SciFi and Fantasy Art Rhythm Heaven by Donna M

rhythm heaven (or tengoku if ur japanese and paradise if youre european. )

thumb|300px|right|GIR has such a great voice!! (no im lying)

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