Well, I'm probably going to sound very annoying about this topic but Wikipedia isn't always a good source! It's a great website to have a broad look on certain things but it can be pretty messed up as well. Of course, this isn't Wikipedia's fault (I mean the people running the site). Everybody can edit the articles on there and it isn't rare that some false information might slip in as well. Trust me; I've seen some things which are just astonishing (in a bad way).

Now, I've noticed that a lot of information from this Wiki is taken from Wikipedia. I've checked some BTR related things on there (list of episodes, characters, airdates, etc.) and I occasionally bump into incorrect things. I remember reading a (fake) plot for Big Time Break-Up which was totally absurd. Apparently Logan and Kendall had a fight and they hurt each other [...] Sadly I saw this rumoured plot on this Wiki as well, and all I want to say is Wikipedia isn't always a reliable source.

If there's some new information (i.e. plot for up-coming episode) on there, please make sure to check other sources as well in order to prevent a hallaballoo. If you're lucky there might be a link to some information (i.e. airdate) and that link might be useful.

To sum it up, don't post everything from Wikipedia and check multiple sources. It's important to keep this Wiki clean!

Also, I don't want mug up the name "Wikipedia". It's a good site and can be useful but you have to be extremely careful with it.

That's it. Sorry for sounds like a prig.

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