Hiiii guys! This is basically a blog post about me and my website. Ok, to start off, I would like to introduce myself. Hello, my name is hoagirl or btr or hoa619. Yes, I am a new member of this wiki and I've been meaning to join long time ago and i finally did! Let's see. Some things about me....well I am a girl obviously and I love to watch Nickelodeon. My favorite shows are House of Anubis( As you can tell from my pic ), Big Time Rush, iCarly, and Victorious. I tend to work on the House of Anubis wiki a lot and I just joined here so i hope you see some of the stuff i do. I comment mostly on the iCarly wiki and just check out the Victorious one. I don't like haters,bullies,or mean people. Well, now back to btr. I have a Big Time Rush website. YAY! lol. jk. So, about a few months ago, i created a big time rush website. It's been hard to advertise my website because first of all, I don't really have a webcam. I finally got an idea to advertise my site. I decided to advertise it here to all u rushers! Well click on this link. ----> This website has stuff about btr and so far i have 10 members. I;m really hoping to get more. Anyways, plz join and if u have any suggestions for me, plz go ahead. Also, if u need help with anything, i do have a page on the website that says contact and u can email me anything if u need help or have suggestions. I haven't done much with my website, but i hope you guys like it. Plz join. Comment below to tell me what you think and ask me any questions you want. ( Make sure it is not too personal. ) Byeeee fellow rushers! <3

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