Okay guys. I think these may be the scrapped songs from Elevate. Rememeber Clevver TV said there was like 25 but they lowered them down to 12. Well that means that 15 songs were scrapped. Here they are -

1. Intermission (cover of Travis Garland's song)

2. Overboard (feat. Justin Beiber) (go to LyricWiki)

3. Real Gone (go to LyricWiki)

4. Anything Goes (possibly featuring Ke$ha)

5. Dance Dance Dance

7. Blow Your Speakers (changed to iTunes bonus track)

8. Paralyzed

9. Epic (only released in UK)

10. I Wanna Hold Your Hand (cover of The Beatles' song, instead used in Big Time Movie Soundtrack -EP)

11. Evacuate the Dancefloor (cover by BTR)

12. DJ Got Us Falling in Love (cover by BTR)

13. Boyfriend feat. New Boyz

14. Call Me Maybe (originally by Carlos himself)

15. We Can Work it Out (later placed on BT Movie Soundtrack - EP)

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