Okay guys. So this is the slightly confirmed third album tracklist. Some of it may change.

(These are not in order)

Overboard (feat. Justin Beiber)

Real Gone


Cover Girl feat. Whiz Califia

No Idea feat. Akon

Superstar feat. Pitbull

Where Ever You Are

Anything Goes

Dance Dance Dance

I Won't Give Up

Intermission (iTunes bonus track)

So it has been confirmed that these are all real songs. Dance Dance Dance was shortened on Big Time Beach Party, Intermission has been leaked, Anything Goes was shortened in one of Carlos's YouTube videos, Where Ever You Are was leaked online, but only 10 seconds of it, Paralyzed has been leaked, the lyrics for Overboard and Real Gone are on LyricWiki and Cover Girl, No Idea, and Superstar with their guests have been revelaed by Celebuzz. I Won't Give Up was performed by them at a concert.

Now here's the thing - still no SHOT IN THE DARK!!!

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