I decided I'd make this blog. I searched the first word in every BTR song title, like for Til I Forget About You, I searched til i, and if BTR doesn't come up, I'll put no popularity. I searched them on YouTube. If I put 4th Place I mean it was the 4th most top one searched. If it only has two words in the title, then I search the first one.

Til I Forget About You - 4th Place. Lost to - Til I'm Gone, Til I Collapse, and Til I Collapse Eminem.

Boyfriend - 4th Place. Lost to - Boyfriend, Boyfriend Tag, and Boyfriend Number 2

City is Ours - 3rd Place. Lost to - City is Mine Drake, and City is Mine

Nothing Even Matters - 2nd Place. Lost to - Nothing Even Matters Lauryn Hill

Worldwide - 2nd Place. Lost to Worldwide Choppers.

Halfway There - No Popularity.

Big Night - No Popularity.

Oh Yeah - No Popularity.

Count on You - 8th Place. Lost to - Count on Me, Count on Me Bruno Mars, Count on Me Bruno Mars Lyrics, Count on Me Bruno Mars Official Music Video, Count on You Whitney Houston, and Count on Me Bei Majore

I Know You Know - 5th Place. Lost to I Know You Want Me, I Know You Want Me Pitbull, I Know, I Know the Truth Pretty Lights, and I Know MJK

Big Time Rush - 1st Place.

Famous - 10th Place. Lost to Famous Last Words, Famous Last Words My Chemanical Romance, Famous, Famous in a Small Town Miranda Lambert, Famous Last Words My Chemanical Romance Lyrics, Famous Speehces, Famous Nick Cannon feat. Akon, and Famous Puddle of Mudd

Any Kind of Guy - 1st Place.

This Is Our Someday - No Popularity.

Stuck - No Popularity

Music Sounds Better With U - 1st Place.

Show Me - No Popularity.

All Over Again - 1st Place.

No Idea - No Popularity.

Cover Girl - 7th Place. Lost to Cover Songs, Cover, Cover Drive Twilight, Cover of the Rolling Stone Dr Hook, Cover Drive, Cover Songs Acoustic, and Cover Me.

Love Me Love Me - No Popularity.

If I Ruled the World - No Popularity.

Invisible - No Popularity.

Time of Our Life - No Popularity.

Superstar - 3rd Place. Lost to Superstar, and Superstar Lupe Fiasco

You're Not Alone - 6th Place. Lost to You're Not Alone, You're Not Sorry Taylor Swift, You're Not Alone Saiosen, You're Not Sorry Taylor Swift Lyrics, and You're Not Alone Michael Jackson

Elevate - 1st Place.

Epic - No Popularity.

Blow Your Speakers - No Popularity.

Shot in the Dark - 5th Place. Lost to Shot in the Dark, Shot in the Dark Ozzy Osbourne, Shot in the Dark Within Temptation, and Shot in the Dark Emma Lee

All I Want for Christmas - No Popularity.

Beautiful Christmas - No Popularity.

Hoped this showed you the popularity of BTR songs.

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