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  • Haroldfan4eva

    BTR's Popularity

    March 10, 2012 by Haroldfan4eva

    I decided I'd make this blog. I searched the first word in every BTR song title, like for Til I Forget About You, I searched til i, and if BTR doesn't come up, I'll put no popularity. I searched them on YouTube. If I put 4th Place I mean it was the 4th most top one searched. If it only has two words in the title, then I search the first one.

    Til I Forget About You - 4th Place. Lost to - Til I'm Gone, Til I Collapse, and Til I Collapse Eminem.

    Boyfriend - 4th Place. Lost to - Boyfriend, Boyfriend Tag, and Boyfriend Number 2

    City is Ours - 3rd Place. Lost to - City is Mine Drake, and City is Mine

    Nothing Even Matters - 2nd Place. Lost to - Nothing Even Matters Lauryn Hill

    Worldwide - 2nd Place. Lost to Worldwide Choppers.

    Halfway There - No Popula…

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  • Haroldfan4eva

    Okay guys. So this is the slightly confirmed third album tracklist. Some of it may change.

    (These are not in order)

    Overboard (feat. Justin Beiber)

    Real Gone


    Cover Girl feat. Whiz Califia

    No Idea feat. Akon

    Superstar feat. Pitbull

    Where Ever You Are

    Anything Goes

    Dance Dance Dance

    I Won't Give Up

    Intermission (iTunes bonus track)

    So it has been confirmed that these are all real songs. Dance Dance Dance was shortened on Big Time Beach Party, Intermission has been leaked, Anything Goes was shortened in one of Carlos's YouTube videos, Where Ever You Are was leaked online, but only 10 seconds of it, Paralyzed has been leaked, the lyrics for Overboard and Real Gone are on LyricWiki and Cover Girl, No Idea, and Superstar with their guests have been…

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  • Haroldfan4eva

    Scrapped Songs - BOOO!

    December 10, 2011 by Haroldfan4eva

    Okay guys. I think these may be the scrapped songs from Elevate. Rememeber Clevver TV said there was like 25 but they lowered them down to 12. Well that means that 15 songs were scrapped. Here they are -

    1. Intermission (cover of Travis Garland's song)

    2. Overboard (feat. Justin Beiber) (go to LyricWiki)

    3. Real Gone (go to LyricWiki)

    4. Anything Goes (possibly featuring Ke$ha)

    5. Dance Dance Dance

    7. Blow Your Speakers (changed to iTunes bonus track)

    8. Paralyzed

    9. Epic (only released in UK)

    10. I Wanna Hold Your Hand (cover of The Beatles' song, instead used in Big Time Movie Soundtrack -EP)

    11. Evacuate the Dancefloor (cover by BTR)

    12. DJ Got Us Falling in Love (cover by BTR)

    13. Boyfriend feat. New Boyz

    14. Call Me Maybe (originally by Carlos him…

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