Alright, so as you can tell by the title this blog is about Big Time Rush having a Season 4. Well, it seems unsure if Big Time Rush will have a Season 4, so the Twitter User @BigTimeFansite created a Twitition @ in order to get as many signatures as possible, so that when the time comes for Nickelodeon to decide whether they will renew BTR for another season, we'll have this twitition that shows Nickelodeon, just how many fans want BTR and they'll have to listen to us. So the point of this blog is to get this twitition out and spread the word. If any admins are reading this, I have a suggestion, if one of you could please add this link to the main page of this wiki, that way whoever visits this website will see it as soon as the log on. Also to all the BTR fans reading this, please do your part and spread the word about this twitition. So far, I've been able to post a short message with the link about Season 4 of BTR and I've gotten Top Comment on BTR's Windows Down Music Video, so that everyone that sees the video will be able to see my comment and know to sign the twitition. Also I've gone around on the Big Time Rush episode "Bel Air Rush" on Youtube and posted it there too, so all I ask is that you sign this twitition and post this comment "ATTENTION FELLOW RUSHERS: If you love BTR's Show, just as much as you love BTR's Music. Then please sign this twitition @ twitition. com/nj5az. We want BTR to get a Season 4. We're trying to get 25k signatures, and we can get to that if EVERYONE signs it, and spreads the word, then it CAN happen. Thumbs up so everyone can see! Thanks!!" Or if you would like to change it, you can, on BTR's most popular music videos, that way more people can see it. Thanks everyone for your help!

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