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    June 6, 2012 by Crazy101Wiki

    Hey, Rushers! Some of you might have heard that we will be getting a spotlight on wikia, but here are some things we have to do to earn so!

    • Edit and add on to stubs, in order to make them longer.
    • If there's nothing to add on to some stubs or if they're just useless, ask an admin to delete them.
    • Please make sure not to make pages, or add new categories that have recently been deleted by an admin without an admin's permission. They were deleted for a reason.

    Thanks to all of the Rushers helping us with this. And thanks to Wikia also! We can do this! (:

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    Stuff To Work On

    April 21, 2012 by Crazy101Wiki

    This blog is basically a blog for stuff that we need to work on, such as Pages, Chat, etc.

    You may post comments below telling me stuff that you think we should work on. Then, I will post it on this blog, and I hope that everyone can help the BTR Wiki work hard to complete the goal!

    Current stuff:

    • Adding "Photo Gallery" to the episode pages. (Like here)
    • Adding to Stubs.
    • Adding more pictures and videos.
    • Admins need to work on the MediaWiki pages.
    • Cleaning up pages that need to be cleaned up.
    • Adding to the episode information on pairing pages.
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    I did this blog on the Victorious Wiki and Bat Forever asked me to do this blog here too... So I did :D ~

    The title says it all, xD. This is the blog to say anything! Whatever you want, maybe you're mad and just want to get something out, say it here in the comments! Be random! GO! (And Happy April Fools Day & Easter!!) Crazy101Wiki celebrates EASTER! Do you?

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