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  • BlueFlamez

    Goodbye. =(

    September 22, 2012 by BlueFlamez

    Hello Guys, it's BlueFlamez. I am writing my final blog for a long time. I am here to say "Goodbye." I am leaving wikia because I have sort of lost interest in it. I am also very busy so I don't have time to be on. =( You might have noticed that I am rarely on wikis now. That's the reason. I am very sorry and I will miss a lot of my old friends. Just to name a few

    I will miss everyone though so I guess this is... Goodbye! :(

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  • BlueFlamez


    June 20, 2012 by BlueFlamez

    Okay, seriously we need to get rid of these stupid stubs! They are being super annoying! They are on every single page and the only thing stopping us from being spotlighted. So edit those pages. If there's like nothing to edit then tell me and I will delete it. The sooner we take all these stubs away the sooner the wiki will grow! So Hurry up and edit!

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