We have issues with some users (mostly annons) spamming comments.

What is considered spam?

Comments with gibberish and/or repeated comments that say the same thing.

Comments with links that have nothing to do with this wiki.

External links

Since some users post comments with external links to websites that could make other users computers malfunction and/or crash we cannot allow external unless approved by an admin. External to other wikis and or other reliable sources is fine but no links to Wikipedia unless it is a city or something we cannot have here.

Addresses and phone numbers

Many users (mostly annons) are leaving comments with their phone number and/or address and that is personal info that should not be given out.

Admins will remove spam and external links and phone numbers and address as best as possible but if there are any that the admins missed then report it here

If you do too much of any thing stated above then you will be blocked for spamming.

Users who are logged in will get warnings.

Please tell me what you think below.

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