You know how some wikis do awards? Well, we're doing that here!

Favorite Season


  1. Season 1
  2. Season 2
  3. Season 3

Favorite Pairing

Nominations 1.Kucy



4. Lomille

Favorite Character

1. Katie

2. Camille

3.Mr. Bitters

4. Kendall

Favorite Song

  1. Windows Down
  2. Love Me, Love Me
  3. Stuck
  4. Til I Forget About You

Favorite Episode

  1. Big Time Superheros
  2. Big Time Prom
  3. Big Time Concert
  4. Big Time Moms

Most Hard-Working Admin

  1. Bat Forever
  2. BigTimeElevate

Favorite User

  1. Bat Forever
  2. BigTimeElevate

Favorite Userbox

  1. Jendall Userbox
  2. NoTimeForHaters Userbox

Most Dedicated User

  1. Bat Forever
  2. BigTimeElevate

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