As I'm sure you all noticed, our wiki got the new chat features! Some updates that I have found are:

Admin Features

Here are some features that only someone with a right can access.

The "Kick" Feature

The "kick" feature is a feature that the chat mods can do. If your giving someone a warning, click kick, and they are out of chat. They can come right back into chat afterwards, so make sure if your banning someone not to click kick.

The "Ban" Feature

The "ban" feature is basiclly like the KB ban button.

The "Ban like block" Feature

This feature is like blocking, but your banning.

Everyone Features

Here are some features that anyone can access.

The "Enter Chat Anywhere" Feature

With the "Enter Chat Anywhere" feature, you can put a certian code, < chat /> without the spaces,and you can put a enter chat code. It becomes like how you would enter chat now!
Join the Big Time Chat!>

The "new access profile" feature

The Wikia staff updated some looks!

Those are all the features!

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