I've noticed that many annons have been asking questions such as:

Hi! My name is so and so! I wanted to know if this band member could come to my school, at an address.

I want to tell you something:

We aren't part of BTR. We're Rushers, just like you, who like BTR's songs and the band members. The admins here aren't someone who work with BTR, work for them, or anyone who can tell BTR something. If you want to tell BTR something, do it by e-mail or mail them with their address. We aren't BTR. It gets kinda annoying when people keep asking "James! Please! Come to my house!!!!!" or "James please video chat with me!" None of the users here are part of BTR. (As far as I know.) Don't ask someone to come to your school, the comment will be edited out with your address and/or name saying This personal info has been removed.

Another thing I've noticed is people have ship-warring VICTORIOUS ships. This isn't the VicTORIous wiki. This is the Big Time Rush Wiki. Not the (fill in the blank) Wiki. We're here to talk about Big Time Rush, not (fill in the blank). I'm not trying to be mean about this. I am telling you though, this is the Big Time Rush Wiki.

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