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This is a list of Unreleased Songs performed by Big Time Rush.

Some of these songs were leaked on the internet and were removed from their respective albums.


Shot in the Dark

Shot in the Dark is the name of a song heard in Big Time Terror, but it was shortened. It was supposebly inspired by Kendall's and James's song to try and make Gustavo Rocqué leave. For more information, see here.

Dance, Dance, Dance

Dance, Dance, Dance is the name of a song heard in Big Time Beach Party, but it was shortened. It is a cover of the Beach Boys' song with the same name. For more information, see here.

Anything Goes

Anything Goes is the supposable name of a song Carlos Pena Jr. leaked on YouTube, with two choruses heard, both of them sung by Carlos himself. For more information, see here.

2012 Songs

There is a song confirmed to be released in 2012, with an unconfirmed title, as there are many beliefs as the title may be Falling Apart or Where Ever You Are. As of many fan beliefs, this song may feature Wiz Khalifa, due to the world "Falling" being heard in the leaked line and there are many fan beliefs of a song named "Falling" with Kalifia in it. The only lines heard are sung by Logan.

Dirty Song

A song featuring an unconfirmed rapper was halfly leaked onto YouTube. The only lines heard are sung by Logan and the guest star. Two minutes of the song were leaked, but not the full thing. There are also many "dirty" or "curse" words in the song, which is odd for the band, though they have noted they are becoming a "little more mature" after Elevate.

The dirty song may be She Drives feat. RAS.

She Drives was scheduled to be released in February 2013, but was not.

Featuring You

Is a song from the third album. The song was leaked on the internet and it may have been removed from the third album.


Anything is a song by Kendall and Carlos. See Anything for more details.

My Song For You

My Song For You is a song by Carlos. See My Song For You for more details.

Cover Girl is a song by Kendall as a solo not with the group.

2013 Songs

Many scrapped songs were leaked in 2013. Songs from 24/Seven were leaked but still kept on the album. Most of them are listed above. For scrapped songs from 24/Seven, see here. For srapped songs from Elevate, see here.

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Logan about Featuring You

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