The Giant Turd Video00:18

The Giant Turd Video

The Giant Turd Song was created by Kendall in the very first Big Time Rush episode. He sang it to Gustavo saying "Hey, here's a new hit for ya". Later in the episode Logan says it was catchy. They sing this song a few times: in Big Time Audition (3 times, and third time in the Palm Woods even brought them ovation), in Big Time Concert, and only once during the second season, in Big Time Strike. There they decided to make their own video without Gustavo but James reminded that Gustavo owns all of their songs. So Kendall replied "Not all of them" and they made a video for "The Giant Turd" song which is parody on their own "Oh Yeah" video from the end of Big Time Songwriters.


BTRElevate These lyrics are certified to be accurate and there is no need to edit them.

Oh, you're such a turd
Giant turd song4

Oh, yeah, a giant turd

And you look like a turd and you smell like a turd

Oh, you're such a turd

Oh, yeah, a giant turd

And you look like a turd and you

James: Smeeelllll like a turrrrd!!!



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