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Snore In The Dark
Snore in the dark
Kendall and James singing it

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Snore in the Dark is a song written by Kendall Knight and James Diamond as a way to give hints to Gustavo for him to leave their apartment and return to his mansion to write BTR's next hit.

By the end of the episode, Gustavo changed the wording and made the song Shot in the Dark.

In real life, the song was made only for the show as a parody of the song, Shot in the Dark.


This song only appeared in the episode Big Time Terror. When Kendall and James could not stand anymore Gustavo being in their apartment. They make the song for Gustavo to realized to go back home and write a new song. (But most important for Gustavo to leave.)


Please don't stay another moment
We don't want to hear more words spoken
Walk out through the door, OH LOOK IT'S OPEN!
And you snore in the dark, and it's freaking us out!


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