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General Information
Gender: Male
Address: Minnesota, USA
Occupation(s): Butler, driver
Other Information
Interests: Driving
Series Information
First appearance: Big Time Concert
Last appearance: Big Time Concert

Sabastion is a butler who worked for Hawk. Sabastion now works for Big Time Rush as a limousine driver, even though the boys sold him to an old lady who couldn't drive. He might have a second appearance if the boys ever visit Minnesota again.


Sabastion is a smart,wise and a quiet man. James Diamond describes him as Logan Mitchel when he makes a sarcastic remark. However, he has a weapon (hot towels) that prove to be very dangerous.


  • He has so far only appeared in Big Time Concert.
  • He helps the boys by throwing hot towels to Hawk and Rebecca's face.
  • He helps James rethink about signing with Hawk Records.

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