Big Time Rush - Moving Up To Bel Air Music Video00:57

Big Time Rush - Moving Up To Bel Air Music Video

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Movin' Up to Bel Air is a rap song in Bel Air Rush. The song is a parody of the theme song of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.


Now this is the story, listen if you dare

How Big Time Rush moved up to Bel-Air

We were chilling by the pool, minding our own

When we saw some papparazi, invaded our home

You dogs need some protection

He said with a glare

And that's why BTR is heading to Bel-Air

Move it up to Bel-Air (4x)

We said goodbye to our friends in the form of a rap

Camille kissed Logan, then she gaved him a slap

We droved through the gates, to take the grand tour

With all snoop-protection we'll be safe and secure

As we road through Bel-Air, friendly faces there to greet us

They said they're our new neighbours and they're happy to meet us

Move it up to Bel-Air (4x)

Now we're kickin it in the town, where the living is flush

Please excuse us while we give Bel-Air a Big Time...

0224mvv "Finish your rapping!"
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