Kendall, James and Logan

Shipped Characters

Kendall Knight, James Diamond and Logan Mitchell
Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow and Logan Henderson

Length of Friendship

Show - Since they were little
Real Life - 2009-present


Best Friends/Close as Brothers

Kamegan is the friendship/bromance trio of Kendall, James and Logan without Carlos Pena Jr.. They're shown to be very good friends towards each other as they're often seen hanging out together.

Other trios include Kamelos, Kenlogan and Jarlogan.

Kamegan Moments in the Show

Season 1

  • Big Time Audition
    • When they're hiding in the dumpster, they strangely look at Carlos (who is eating a sandwich from the dumpster).
    • When Kendall and James argue about getting famous, Logan takes James' side.

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Kamegan Moments in Real Life

0224mvv "Finish your rapping!"
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