Carlos Cam is docu-reality series directed by Carlos Pena Jr.. The videos gives kids an inside look into the lives of Big Time Rush. [1]


Carlos Cam: Hangliding in Rio

Carlos Cam Hangliding in Rio02:35

Carlos Cam Hangliding in Rio


Watch Carlos and the BTR boys take a big time leap, three thousand feet in the air![2]

Carlos Cam: Rice Krizzle Treats!

Carlos Pena - Rice Krizzle Treats03:32

Carlos Pena - Rice Krizzle Treats


On May 8, 2013, Nickelodeon released the first video of the series. Carlos Pena shares the super secret recipe for his all-time favorite snack! [3]

Carlos Cam: Slo Mo Moments

Carlos Cam Slo Mo Moments02:32

Carlos Cam Slo Mo Moments


Carlos Pena gives us a behind-the-scenes peek at these big time slo mo moments![4][5]

Carlos Cam: A Day with Los

Carlos Pena Cam 'A Day with Los'!06:41

Carlos Pena Cam 'A Day with Los'!


Ever wonder what Carlos Pena does on the daily? Today's your lucky day!

Carlos Cam: Big Time Director


Carlos goes behind the camera to direct Victoria Justice and the BTR boys.

Carlos Cam: Big Time Memories

Carlos Cam Big Time Memories ft02:39

Carlos Cam Big Time Memories ft. Big Time Rush


From cavemen to ATV stunts, the BTR boys go through their favorite moments from filming Big Time Rush.

Carlos Cam: The Boys Ham it Up

Carlos Cam The Boys Ham it Up01:41

Carlos Cam The Boys Ham it Up.


Carlos lets us in on all the behind-the-scenes antics of the BTR boys' season 4 photo shoot!

Carlos Cam: Fan Mail


Carlos loves fan mail so much he takes them everywhere, even in the bathtub!


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