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Buddha Bob
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 44
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Black
Birthday: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Address: The Palm Woods

Los Angeles, California

Occupation(s): Groundskeeper
Aliases: None
Family & Friends
Family: Unknown
Friends: Katie Knight
Carlos Garcia
Camille Roberts
Jo Taylor
Kendall Knight
James Diamond
Logan Mitchell
Mr. Bitters ( frenemy )
Jennifer Knight
Relationships: Jennifer Knight (temporary)
Pet(s): Brains ( formerly )
Other Information
Interests: Being a stunt man

Toilet Plunger

Talent: Groundskeeping

Toilet Scrubing

Series Information
First appearance: Big Time Bad Boy
Last appearance: Big Time Dreams
Portrayed By: Darran Norris

Buddha Bob is the groundskeeper at The Palm Woods. He is very tall and often intimidates people because of his height and appearance. Despite his appearance, he is very kind. Carlos and Katie are both very fond of him. Buddha Bob is not very intelligent, as proven in his attempt to cut a jelly doughnut with an axe. He is also often clueless of what people are asking of him, because he simply responds, "Uh, okay." He is often seen listening to his boom box, however he calls it a "portable electrified music playing machine".

Early Life

Buddha Bob is very tall. His head is covered in a mop of brown hair. He has a dark brown beard, too. His hair and beard are very messy. He also likes to wear dirty clothes. His appearance intimidates many, although once people get to know him, they often become very fond of him. An example of this is when Mrs. Knight became overprotective of Katie after seeing Buddha Bob cut open a jelly doughnut with an axe for Bitters. She believed he was an axe murderer and refused to let Katie out of her sight until Katie finally proved to her that Buddha Bob was simply the kind groundskeeper/maintenance man/janitor for the Palm Woods and He's dream was becoming a stunt man.


Katie Knight

He and Katie was best buds after they teaming up what's Katie's Plan. He and Katie works on the business named Katie's Oil Company and wishing her to buy him a slacks. And The Time Where Katie is finding a girl which her same age and wants to talk with her and talks about boys Buddha Bob jealous, later then they team up to to vanish the businessman in the Palm Woods

Mr. Bitters

Mr. Bitters might be a little mean to Buddha Bob but they were friends and spending time together but sometimes Mr. Bitters Disgusted him.


  • He has interacted with Jo once during Big Time Prom Kings. He also pretended to be Jo in her bed so the real Jo could go to the prom with Kendall.
  • He has worked with Camille once.
  • He and Kelly have interacted once.
  • Despite his appearance, he is very kind and helpful.
  • When Mrs. Knight first saw Buddha Bob she thought he was a psycho killer.
  • In the same episode, Mrs. Knight saw him throwing lifelike mannequins into the garbage bin, and Mrs. Knight screamed and carried Katie away.
  • Buddha Bob is played by Daran Norris, the same person who played Gordy, the janitor/groundskeeper on Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide and the voice as Mr. Turner, Cosmo and Jorgen in Fairly Oddparents.
  • He has once "married" Mrs. Knight because he would have been kicked out of America if he didn't (Buddha Bob's actually from Canada). But at the end, Mr. Bitters (who married them) found out his license expired 8 years ago, so they were never really married.
  • He never stresses.
  • He usually helps Katie, an example of this is in the episode, Big Time Songwriters when she was trying to open a fake spa so the boys could keep Gustavo away.
  • He owns a plunger, whom he drew a face on and named it "Plungy".


Darran Norris as Buddha Bob have 27 episodes

Season 1:

Season 2

Season 3:

Season 4:



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