Brooke Diamond
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 40's
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'7
Occupation(s): Businesswoman
Family & Friends
Family: James Diamond (Son)
Friends: Jennifer Knight,Joanna Mitchell,Sylvia Garcia
Relationships: Mr. Diamond (divorced)
Series Information
First appearance: Big Time Moms
Last appearance: Big Time Moms
Portrayed By: Lisa Rinna

Brooke Diamond (played by Lisa Rinna) is the mother of James Diamond. She is an accomplished businesswoman who runs a successful cosmetics company, even being dubbed the "Estée Lauder of the Midwest." She's very intimidating, and few people have dared to stand up to her or say "no."

Brooke Diamond (Lisa Rinna) is James Diamond's mom who appears in Big Time Moms. She wants to take James home so he could become the future CEO of her cosmetics company. It is revealed she misses him so much that Carlos's, Logan's and Kendall's mothers set up ways for her to still see James and keep in touch with him. She is divorced from her husband who married a woman 15 years younger. According to Carlos, she is "part powerful, part beautiful and all terrifying."


In Big Time Moms, she comes to Los Angeles with the intent to take James home, claiming that she wants him to follow in her footsteps and take over her cosmetics company. The members of Big Time Rush, along with Gustavo and Kelly, immediately begin making plans to convince her to let James stay, but even singing her a special song fails to convince her, and James' inability to say "no" also contributes to this.

When Kendall, Logan and Carlos remember a time when their mothers had worked together and successfully stood up to Brooke, they bring Mrs. Mitchell and Mrs. Garcia to LA, and they, together with Mrs. Knight, confront Brooke about her behavior. They insist that she isn't being fair to James or the other boys and remind her how they (and the boys' fathers) made an agreement that their sons would stay in LA with Jennifer and her kids and, as Logan's mom put it, point out that she can't just "un-agree" to their previous arrangement. At this, Brooke breaks down in tears and admits her true motivations: she doesn't want James to run the company, she simply wants him home because she never gets to see him anymore.

With this, the group makes arrangements to allow the two to stay in better contact:

  • Mrs. Mitchell sells her a building to allow her to open up a branch of her company in LA, giving Brooke an excuse to see James at least once a month.
  • Mrs. Garcia wires both their laptops with video conference equipment to allow the two to see each other at any time.
  • Gustavo (with some threatening coercion from the boys' moms) arranges for the band to tour in Minnesota.

Brooke happily accepts these arrangements and agrees to let James remain with the band.


Brooke seems to be a control freak. She insists that things should be done her way and no one should refuse her. If something doesn't go her way, she gets angry, which is why her family and friends are afraid of her. Despite her temper and controlling behavior, she really does love her son and genuinely wants what's best for him, but she apparently never thinks to actually ask him about what he really wants.



James is the son of Brooke. They're very close and obviously loves his mother very much, but as shown in Big Time Moms, James has trouble standing up to his mom. In the same episode, he also writes her a song to tell her how much he loves her. In the end of Big Time Moms, Brooke confesses that she misses James while he is in LA.

Mr. Diamond

Mr. Diamond is Brooke's ex-husband. According to James, they seemed to be experiencing marital issues during their time together. Mr. Diamond never stood up to his wife whenever she got angry. It sounded like he was afraid of her and that may have been at least part of the reason why they got divorced. Sometime after the divorce was finalized, Mr. Diamond got remarried to a woman who's fifteen years younger than him---it's unknown what kind of relationship James and his stepmom have.

Jennifer Knight

Jennifer is one of Brooke's friends. Just like Mr. Diamond and James, Mrs. Knight is afraid of Brooke. She seems to rely on fear to get people to do what she wants and Mrs. Knight is an example of that. However, when Sylvia Garcia and Joanna Mitchell are with her, she can stand her ground better. Despite her fear of Brooke, she does help her stay in contact with James.

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