Semi-protected for a short amount of time


Pages with a gold lock have been protected because the page has been consistently vandalized or an edit war has taken place. This protection will only last for a short period of time. Any user above the auto-confirmed level may edit these pages.

Fully protected for infinite


Pages with a red lock are protected to sysop level by default because they are essential in running this wiki. They will never be unprotected, and in some cases, they cannot be unprotected. These include logos and stylesheets.



Pages with a silver lock have been protected because of vandalism or controversy. Any user above the autoconfirmed level may edit these pages.

Fully protected for a short amount of time


Pages with the sky blue lock indicate that the page has been fully locked but for a short amount of time due to vandalism or edit warring.

Move protected for infinite


Pages with a green lock have been protected to avoid the page being moved without authorization. This is most commonly utilized for canon articles and any article with more than 30 comments. It may also be used in the event of sustained page-move vandalism, or as a prevention measure on high-use pages. Only sysops may move pages than have been protected in this way.

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