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Big Time Returns
Season 3
Episode number 2
Airdate June 25, 2012[1]
Written by Scott Fellows
Directed by Scott Fellows
Prod. code 302
Guest starring Jojo Wright
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"Backstage Rush" "Bel Air Rush"

Big Time Returns[2] is the 2nd episode of Big Time Rush Season 3,and the 51st episode overall. It aired on June 25th, 2012[3].

Big Time Rush Season 3-Big Time Returns Clip 101:08

Big Time Rush Season 3-Big Time Returns Clip 1

Big Time Returns Clip 1

Big Time Rush-Season 3- Big Time Returns Clip 200:57

Big Time Rush-Season 3- Big Time Returns Clip 2

Big Time Returns Clip 2



The guys return home from their tour as celebrities, however their priorities remain the same: relaxing and meeting girls. Meanwhile, Griffin pressures Carlos to pick his top song prior to a radio interview, Kendall and James fight about Lucy, and Logan tries to get Camille to make the first move in their relationship.

The episode ends with Logan and Camille becoming a couple once again, Lucy gives Kendall another wink showing that she does in fact, like him, even though she "un-dibbed" him, and Carlos picking BTR's newest song "Windows Down" as the song to play on Jojo Wright's radio station.

Guest Stars:

Featured Songs:


  • Jojo Wright is gonna guest star as himself in an episode of BTR. He has also confirmed it by twitter:
    • "Warning: I'm an actor now! "Battlefield America" hits theaters June 1st! Also I'm guest starring @bigtimerush tape nxt week!"
    • "HAHA! Tape the episode next Friday, I think I play myself...@ImagineSam@jojowright I am HONESTLY so excited to see u on Big Tme Rush."
    • "True, taping next Fri, not sure of air date yet... Hey @JoJoWright is it true your gonna b on @bigtimerush
    • "Hey @bigtimerush I just got my script for this Friday's BTR shoot. My character's name is "JoJo", What a coincidence!!!
  • There are lots of pictures for this episode already.
  • More Lomille in Season 3! Erin Sander (Camile) also tweeted: "I start back filming Big Time Rush Season 3 this Monday! This episode will be fun for all the Lomille lovers out there, haha... =)"
  • Nothing better then starting off your morning with a run through the stage in your boxers! This ep. should be fun! Here we go.#BTRSeason3And here is the proof! ;) "
  • This episode may be directed by Carlos Pena Jr. He confirmed it on twitter: "Directing my first episode...."
  • This episode will air the same day that the new Big Time Rush's single "Windows Down" is released.
  • It also aired on the 1-year anniversary of "Big Time Break Up".
  • The episode breaks the fourth wall 2 times: When James said: "Maybe thing will be different this season" and when Jojo said: "Now lets head back to The Palm Woods so we can wrap their show."
  • Viewership: 2.3 million
  • This is first time we see Logan Mitchell without shirt. All the characters like Kendall in Big Time Reality, Carlos and James in Welcome Back Big Time.
  • Every time Griffin and Gustavo argue over if the boys should sing "Love Me Love Me" or "Elevate", a portion of either song plays in the background.


Kendall: Lucy is the love of your life?
James: Well, she's smart and hot, so yeah!

Katie: But if you knock on her door, isn't that you making the first move?
Logan: *silents* don't question love science!

Logan: Why are you telling Camille to avoid me, huh? I want some answers, NOW!
Buddah Bob: Well, clearly you have commitment issues and you'll never be a steady boyfriend until you conquer your insecurities and your fear of rejection
Logan: They're not those answers!


New btr promo00:20

New btr promo





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