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Big Time Merchandise
Season 3
Episode number 5
Airdate July 16, 2012
Written by Jed Spingarn
Directed by Carlos Gonzalez
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"Big Time Double Date" "Big Time Rush Concert Special Party All Night"
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Big Time Merchandise[1] is the 5th episode in Season 3 of Big Time Rush, and the 54th episode overall. It had 1.4 million viewers on it's premiere.


Big Time Rush gets their own action figures, however they soon find out that those action figures can embarrass them like no one has ever done before. Therefore they have to come up with new merchandise to sell and edit what the action figures say.


  • This is the lowest viewed episode of the series to date with 1.4 million views.
  • Kara Tolbert guest stared as Miss Jones.[citation needed]
  • This episode aired on James Maslow's birthday.
  • One Direction, Katy Perry, Usher and Justin Bieber were mentioned in this episode.
  • Logan revealed that James, Carlos and Kendall "bullied" him in elementary school.
  • Carlos Garcia saying the action figures can fight Robot Zombies is a reference to Carlos Pena Jr.'s love for The Walking Dead.
  • Rob Paulsen makes a live action appearance as Sam.
  • Selmart is a parody of Walmart.
  • Running gag: Logan mentioning being bullied when he was a kid and the boys yelling "WE SAID WE WERE SORRY!"


Action Kendall: Kendall's gotta go potty!
Kendall: I do not say that!

Logan: I hate being laughed at. Like that one time in the third grade when those kids pantsed me in the cafeteria.
Carlos, Kendall, & James: WE SAID WE WERE SORRY!!

Kendall: Um, tree hats have solved a lot of problems!

James: Bieber’s got one, Ushers got one and we smell wayyyy better than them.

Carlos: Let's get a hang down low o the snip-snap!
Kendall: STOP IT!

Katie: Haven't you ever heard the expression the customers are always right?
Mr. Bitters: I don't listen to hip hop.

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